Abubakar Mohammed (Somali: Abubakar Maxamed) is a Somali motivational speaker, author, preacher and a life-coach from the Netherlands. Along with his older brother Omar Mohammed, he became famous through online motivational speeches and short Islamic reminders. He published his first book Ku Raaxayso Noloshaada (Enjoy Your Life) in 2019, which was a great success within Somali communities worldwide.

Early life

Abubakar Mohammed was born in Marka, Somalia. At this time, the civil war had already started. Even though there was a civil war going on, many families and children went on with life. He went to Islamic school to learn the Qur’an and completed the Qur’an at only 10 years old. As is a tradition in Somalia, he started secular school after completing the Qur’an. In 2008, he moved with his family from Somalia to the Netherlands.


In the Netherlands, he had the chance to go on with his studies. He did not know Dutch and first had to learn Dutch. He became fluent within one year. Then he went to secondary school before attending Regiocollege Zaandam to study Business Administration. He graduated from Regiocollege and was able to enroll into the Hogeschool van Amsterdam (HBO, University of Applied Sciences) to study Business Management. He is currently pursuing his studies. He did manage to graduate from the Islamic School of Rotterdam and has a Bachelor degree in Islamic Studies.

Furthermore, he took extracurricular classes and courses like Psychology, Public Speaking and Management & Leadership.

His book Ku Raaxayso Noloshaada

His first book Ku Raaxayso Noloshaada became a bestseller within Somali communities that live in Europe and Africa. Because of this great success, he was invited to showcase his book at the Mogadishu Book Fair (MBF) and met with the Prime-Minister of Somalia, Hassan Ali Khayre. His book even reached the President of Somalia, Maxamed Abdullahi ‘Farmaajo’. His book is now translated to English and later into other languages.

The Stadium incident

While touring Africa to speak about his book, the extent of his popularity became very clear. He was many times received by enormous crowds. Too many people came to see Abubakar, which resulted in the event being cancelled, disappointing many fans. This happened a few times and was later made up by holding new events in larger locations. The crowds were too big for normal halls, only the football stadiums of Eng. Yariisow (Mogadishu) and Xaaji Daahir (Burao), would hold the amount of people.

Omar Mohammed

Abubakar Mohammed can often be found with his brother Omar Mohammed (Omar Faruuq). They are often mistaken for twins. Omar Faruuq is not only his brother, but also his guru who helps him make the right decisions. Together they received an award for the Somali Influence of the year 2018 by HIRDA AWARD in Netherlands.

Xidig Organisation

Abubakar Mohammed is also the founder of Xidig Organisation. This organization was founded in order to help the Somali youth, which make up 75% of the Somali population (in Somalia). He believes in and has set up this goal: changing the mindset of the Somali youth, will help Somalia to thrive again. Xidig Organisation is set up in the Netherlands and is also an organization connecting the Somali diaspora. They received a certificate of honour from the Somali Ministry of Youth and Sports.

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